Electriciens @ Work

't Tuigleerstraatje in Cuijk is being renovated.
Here, 50 homes will be built for people in need of care.

On this beautiful project the experienced electrician Corin (right on the photo) started via don uitzendgroep to build the electricity. A few days later we were able to add the young electrician Marius (left in the photo) to the team.
Both craftsmen are of Romanian origin, and they understand their profession like no other.
For Marius, it is nice that Corin takes him under his wing because the 26-year-old Marius, who could have been Corin's son, is in the Netherlands for the first time! Corin, on the other hand, is a bit more used to the Netherlands. In the meantime, this couple is so well-matched that they only need half a word to understand each other, and it runs like a well-oiled machine.

Their Dutch supervisor Remko also states:
"These are very suitable and neat men who can work like a horse.
They are nice to deal with and are open to comments, but also indicate if they think something can be better. Fine match in any case. "

Corin and Marius mention:
"Don uitzendgroep has arranged beautiful work for us.
We take care of the complete facets of a house-building electrician that  fits right up our alley. We also found each other. We are colleagues but we have also become friends.
The Netherlands is also a warm country where we are well received, and where we feel practically at home. Even though Romania remains our "real" home. "

In any case, they will fully complete this project, which is expected to last until the beginning of March 2019. After this, it will be examined whether they can continue within the current company, or whether the don uitzendgroep will transfer them to another company.
The fact remains that they remain welcome for a long time with don uitzendgroep, after these excellent impressions.